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Whale shark Odyssey at Ningaloo Reef

This is a dynamic full day odyssey designed to give you the best experiences possible on any given day. We don’t follow a script, we don’t promise what we can’t deliver, we aim to open your eyes to the wonders of Ningaloo and hope that through the days incredible experiences and thought provoking insights, that you join our global team of reef ambassadors, who speak up for our ocean friends.


The Details
  • $500 Adult
  • Snorkel with Whale Sharks
  • Launch Provided
  • Duration: 9 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Coral Bay, WA

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Whale shark Odyssey at Ningaloo Reef

For those who are searching for the ultimate, unforgettable experience of swimming alongside the biggest fish in the sea – The Whale Shark.

Embark on an expedition like no other where knowledge unlocks adventure on our Whale shark Odyssey at Ningaloo Reef. 

Awaken your inner marine biologist and delve into the fascinating world of the Ningaloo Reef as our knowledgeable and passionate guides share insights about the majestic Whale sharks, their ecology, behaviour’s and the vital role they play in the oceans delicate ecosystem. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as you share the water with the worlds biggest fish and witness the endless wonders that Ningaloo Reef has to offer. 

We use a designated spotter aircraft to assist us in finding where whale sharks are and allow us to choose the best Whale shark to interact with on the day.

Whale sharks are generally slow-moving filter feeders, which are often found at the surface feeding or basking in the sun. These gentle giants can grow up to a whopping 18 metres and can live over 100 years. They themselves are ocean explorers, visiting Ningaloo during Autumn to feast on the seasonal bounty of rich plankton swarms. Swimming with these incredible creatures can be a cosmic experience with their striking patterns resembling a galaxy as they swim through cobalt waters. This experience will truly be with you for years to come. 

Our Whale shark Odyssey incorporates not only the star of the show but its environment and all of the critters within it. We aim to show you the absolute best of Ningaloo reef and explain the reasons that Whale sharks visit. 

During the day you will snorkel amongst spectacularly diverse coral gardens, laden with tropical fish and abundant life, where your understanding of Coral Reef ecology will begin. Habitat diversity within the lagoon leads to a rich diversity of resident megafauna which we will interact with whenever opportunity presents. Whilst whale sharks are our priority on this odyssey, we will make the most of all opportunities to search for turtles, dolphins, dugong, benthic rays, sharks and manta rays that call the Ningaloo Reef home.

We pride ourselves on delivering you a memorable and informative day on the Ningaloo Reef, hoping to inspire a greater respect of all the animals that visit the reef and a better understanding on why the Ningaloo reef was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2011. 

Join Us Aboard Utopia

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We invite you to join us aboard “Utopia” – our shallow, reef friendly vessel which has a spacious, fully shaded deck and comfy seating on the fly bridge for optimum wildlife viewing. Our tours are Edu-Tours, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge gathered from our very own marine biologist with over 20 years combined crew experience in the Ningaloo area.

Many visitors come to Ningaloo Reef to get away from the crowds. That’s why we pride ourselves on small, personalised groups to maximise your experience. We are committed to working towards providing a fantastic experience for all of our customers while maintaining the importance of sustainability in the Marine Park for future generations. Our trips are for the snorkelling connoisseur and those who really want to explore the best of the pristine Ningaloo Reef.

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What we Provide

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Snorkel Equipment

All the kit you need for your underwater adventure.

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To keep you warm and protect from the elements.

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We offer a selection of polarized sunglasses.

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Lunch Included

Or snacks to enjoy during the whale watching.

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Tea, coffee or chilled water. Take your pick.

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You will be provided with a link to complimentary photos of your day

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