Coral Bay, Your Year-Round Holiday Destination

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Ningaloo Marine Interactions is located in Coral Bay, the heart of Ningaloo Reef. Previously famous as a top fishing hotspot, it has becoming increasingly popular as a destination to meet megafauna which inhabits the local waters. These include:

  • The world’s largest fish, the whale shark; one of the most spectacular whales on the planet
  • The humpback whale (during its annual migration)
  • The largest ray on the planet, the manta ray
  • The endangered dugong
  • Several species of dolphin.
  • The loggerhead and green turtle annually nest along our clean white sandy beaches and are present in high numbers in the offshore waters year-round.
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What You Can Expect To See

Ningaloo Reef is home to over 500 species of fish, over 250 different varieties of Coral and many species of invertebrates. With a unique mix of warm tropical and cool temperate waters, as well as minimal anthropogenic influences, Ningaloo reef is among the healthiest reef systems worldwide.

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Coral Bay Local History

Our resident population is approximately 220, whilst it can swell with visiting tourists to over 1800. An estimated 200,000 people visit Coral Bay every year to enjoy the wonders of Ningaloo, the worlds’ largest fringing reef on the western margin of a Continent. However, we try to teach the value of preserving the Bay, no matter how many people visit.

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Excited to see Coral Bay? To book your tour, call 08 9467 7968

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